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DC - Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor (Manual)

The DC - Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor offers two set up options using either a 12volt or a 24volt system. This motor, when coupled with one of  Lake Lite's 12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kits will keep your battery in top condition. Industry trend, however, is moving toward a 24volt system. For ultimate speed and performance, we recommend adding a Lake Lite 24v Solar Charging System! The 24v set-up increases the speed by more than double, getting you on the lake even faster!

The Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor will fit ANY boat lift that has a wheel. With a lift capacity of up to 7,000 pounds, the Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor easily installs in 20 minutes or less. Fully illustrated instructions are included, so get on the lake faster and stop cranking that boat lift wheel! Simply push the button on the motor or add the optional pendant switch and your boat will be lowered into the water quickly and safely. We guarantee you'll use your boat more!

Key Features & Benefits

2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

DC 12v or 24v

7,000 lb Capacity

Manual Turn Key Style

SPEED at 12v = 38 RPMs

SPEED at 24v = 80 RPMs


Replace your manual turn-wheel on your existing boat lift with the Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor. Stop cranking your lift and enjoy the ease and convenience of pushing a button on an automated Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor, or add the optional pendant controller to operate the motor.

Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor (manual) Kit Includes:

DC Manual Boat Lift Winch Motor

Installation Kit

Back-Up Bit

Free Technical Support

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