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FlexPower® Hydraulic Boat Lifts

The fastest and most convenient boat lift on the market!

  • Available in 4000 lb. to 15,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts

  • Get on and off the water in less than 1 minute

  • Designed for your convenience; 2 wireless remotes, auto up, easy boat entry, and minimal maintenance

  • The Winch Cable (green), is run through a pulley block (3,000 winch lifts and above). This pulley block reduces the load carried by the winch by half.

  • The Lift Cable (orange), splits into two and is pulled by the pulley block. The two splits are routed to each end of the lift tube. This allows the platform load to be carried across two posts (as opposed to one post in the case of 'open side' competitor's structure).

  • The Level Cable (blue), distributes the platform load across the width of the lift.

Shorestation Lift

FlexPower® Electric

Our new line of Electric models represents the next generation of ShoreStation®
Lifts – an innovative electric drive unit with fully-integrated motor and state-of-the-art  push-button control.

Electric Shorestation Lift
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