Wave Ports

WAVE PORT SLX5 & SLX6  (12 Ft 8 Inch. Long Ports)

WAVE PORT SLX pwc ports are designed with mounting pockets in all four corners to stand alone, connect together or to other floating dock brands and structures.  SLX personal watercraft ports are available in 2 widths to meet the specific needs of both waterfront home owners and marinas.

The SLX5 (5 Ft. Wide) Port is designed to allow two ports side by side, fitting perfectly into a 10-Ft. Slip, maximizing valuable slip space.

The SLX6 (6 Ft. Wide) Port offers an extra 6 inches on each side of the platform, creating standing room while mounting / dismounting your PWC; it also allows a safe walking platform to and from the Port to your dock. 


  • Beautifully Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene Construction (built-in UV protection)

  • Foam-Filled Inner Structure (increases buoyancy & structural integrity)

  • Integrated Side Pontoons  (increases flotation and stability)

  • Removable Bow Stop with Tie-Down Ring

  • Ten  Adjustable Polyurethane Overlaid Wheels

  • Molded-In Mounting Pockets In All Corners  (for numerous anchoring possibilities)

  • Tan Textured Finish

  • Can Stand Alone, Connect Together or To Other Floating Dock Brands or Structures (utilizing SLX Attachment Kits )

  • Port Length:  12 Ft. 8 Inch Long

  • Port Width:  5 Ft Wide or 6 Ft. Wide

  • SLX Accessories Available

  • #300957  Wave Port SLX6 - 6 Ft. W x 12 Ft. 8 Inches L | Wgt. 321 Lbs | Cap  :2000 Lbs
    #300954  Wave Port SLX5 - 5 Ft. W x 12 Ft. 8 Inches L | Wgt. 286 Lbs|  Cap: 1500Lbs

Wave Armor Warranty


WAVE ARMOR DOCKS, PORTS AND ATTACHMENTS: FLOATATION (Docks and Ports): Wave Armor warrants that the products sold hereunder will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from date of purchase. This applies to excessive deformation of surface area, cracking, taking on water or ultraviolet deterioration. PARTS AND ATTACHMENTS: Wave Armor warrants that the parts and attachments sold hereunder will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. This applies to cracking or breaking of an attachment due to poor workmanship. If evidence exists that the product failed due to excessive abuse, mishandling, extreme natural elements, vandalism, or an improper installation, Wave Armor may choose not to replace the part(s) free of charge. Warranty repairs will be made without charge by Wave Armor Products or an authorized dealer. Transportation/shipping charges to and from Wave Armor Products, LLC or an authorized dealer, are the responsibility of the customer. All other obligations or liabilities, including loss of use, inconvenience, commercial loss and consequential damages are hereby excluded. The manufacturers warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to an accident, adjustment, improper installation, misapplication, misuse, modification, neglect, repair, including but not limited to improper maintenance, or use of unauthorized parts or attachments.

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