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Luxury Performance V-Toons 

Full Tri-Toons

The outside tubes are 23" in diameter and the center tubes are 27" in diameter

to give you the turnability and control of a V-Hull.

Cruise & Tube, Twin or Tri-Toon

Compact Pontoons: 8' Wide

Get ultimate versatility with control and performance. Hurricane delivers a smooth, dry ride for fishing, skiing, and cruising. Our exclusive hull design delivers the added stability and quick on-plane performance you’d expect from the SUV of H2O. The shallow draft hull allows you to cruise shallow waters and produces a small wake, making it ideal for skiing. From stem to stern, our modified V-hull is designed for maximum performance and comfort. Unlike other deck boats, Hurricane’s original wide-body hull design is as wide in the bow as it is in the stern, providing plenty of extra room. Foam flotation in the hull and self-bailing decks ensure safety and provide peace of mind.
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